Sunday, 11 December 2016


Yes, you got it rightly. I'm talking about relationship between a man and a woman. Not anything else. Am I going to hurt people by quoting their stories here. It is my story more than anyone else. Shouldn't I have my opinion about the people around me? Yes, while everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and so do I. I'm not gonna reveal anyone's identity, but my own perspective. It is up to you,
you read it or scrape it.

I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you and if it doesn't work out, I've somebody else in the pipeline.
I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you and no other man will touch me until you are in my country and I'll count on you and keep hoping that you will change your mind.
I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you, but you are my plan B.

Why I shouldn't be surprised?
This materialistic attitude is very common since so long ago in some parts of the world so openly and in some parts of the world not so openly. But, this exists everywhere. In fact, I remained as an emotional human being and I'm completely in tune with that. Shall I tell you the truth? I'm surprised, I'm so damnly surprised to see how people are being like machines without any emotional bond with the person whom they chose to live with. I used to remind myself "Attachment with detachment".  But this level of detachment is beyond my imagination.

Even people have some emotional connection with their bicycles, bikes, cars etc. They want to keep them for ever. How did human relationships have turned less valuable than the emotional connection with these bicycles, bike and cars? One shouldn't compromise with happiness. But, it doesn't mean that one start cheating their partners and call it as privacy, my own life etc.

Relationships are not even lasting until the couple repay their loan amount which they have taken to run a business together dreaming big about their future. In the end, relationship and business don't exist, but the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) does. What remains at the end is you and the consequences of the choices you made in the past.

They don't know what they want in partner. They don't know who they are themselves. How can they know who they are marrying.  -Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie)

Every relationship starts with a hope that it lasts for ever and they think that their dreams are turning into reality. But, it is not the case with many relationships.
Then, how can one find the right one, the one which lasts for the rest of the life?
If you search, you may find the right one after few wrong ones.
"Few" is how many?
If you don't search, you don't find any at all. But, you can be found by other always ))
Isn't precious life being wasted in hanging out with wrong people.
This world is far from being filled with all the honest people. Many people claim to be what they are not.

Relationship has true significance only when it is a process of self-revelation. But most of us do not want to be revealed in relationship. On the contrary, we use relationship as a means of covering up our own insufficiency, our own troubles, our own uncertainty. So, relationship becomes mere movement, mere activity. I do not know if you have noticed that relationship is very painful and that as long as it is not a revealing process in which you are discovering yourself, relationship is merely a means of escape from yourself. So, you see that relationship, if you allow it, can be a process of self revelation. But since we do not allow it relationship becomes merely a gratifying activity. As long as the mind merely uses relationship for its own security, that relationship is bound to create confusion and antagonism. 
- J. Krishna Murthi

Contemplation Continues...

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Dream Spot

My Childhood Friend

2 Kms away from my home, next to the road, a small pond. That was my dream spot during my teenage. I have discovered when I went for a long walk and later on, took my friends there many times.

I very often went there and spend sometime contemplating. It was so refreshing being there surrounded by the tress and a small pond. Now, I realise why I'm interested in meditation. 

I still remember walking to that place in a light rain, wet road, smell of the soil...
Just one visit to that place was so much for me during those days...
Every mental noise was getting settled there...

Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Himalayan Trip (Part-2)

Bharat Sevashram Sangha is the place where I headed after reaching Badrinath. 
The office bearer looked at me from bottom to top when I have asked for a room. Then he directed me to go to Swamiji who was the in-charge of the ashram. Again same looks from top to bottom. He said that I would have to pay money, why not Swamiji, said I. 
How many days?
For 15 days.
Will you eat outside or will you eat in the ashram?
I'll eat in the ashram only.
Okay per day 200/-. You pay total 2400/- instead of 3000/-.  

I paid the money and got the room. It was so dirty. Still I was happy to be able to reach that place. Told myself that I am gonna stay here for coming 15 days come what may. Went to Bhagawat Gita session. There I felt I was really in an ashram.

Cleaned the room as soon as I got back to the room and started feeling as it was my home. There was puja (worship) in the evening followed by dinner. There was segregation, all the people who wear orange clothes sit together and the brahmacharis (Singles) sit together. Married people sit for dinner once all these single people finish their dinner. Reached my room and spread my yoga mat on the top of the bed which was damp and slept and so on for 15 nights.

Next morning went to the temple the Badrinath Temple after taking bath in hot spring (Tapt Kund). It was so warming and nice experience to be in a hot pool during cold weather. People call it as God's miracle that there is this hot spring. I came to know that there are such hot springs all over the world. There would be different stories based on their religion. Sat in the temple to meditate for a while. There were so many who were sitting around. Some were doing Mala (Rosaries) and some were just sitting silently like me. 

I saw the Ashram in-charge Swamiji praying who once asked an elderly person to leave the dining table as he was not a single man. That elderly man had to leave the food which he started eating. How terrible it was. He could have excused him for that one time and could have told him next time. There is no scarcity of such stone-hearted people in this world. 

The more I heard from the people the more I wanted to know. There were all kinds of people from psychos to scientists. Where do I belong? Which extreme? 
Time will tell...     

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gamarjoba(Hello) Georgia (Part-1)

Typed "Yoga Jobs" in search bar in FB. Responded to one of the posts and got a response in a day asking to fix an appointment for an interview. And that lead me to land in a new country called Georgia (Not the American state called Georgia). It's neither in Europe nor in Asia. Found a new term called Eurasia. It all happened in a week time. It was too quick to believe. I was little suspicious as it was a FB post and I was getting ready to go to the cold country. Spent a lot of money in buying warm clothes and this venture has became the most expensive as I had to fly to Delhi from Bangalore on top of shopping as my flight tickets are from Delhi to Georgia via Sharjah.

Went to see family (Many would understand that family means wife and children, in my case, no, I have neither of them ;-)) Everytime, I think what if my Grandma doesn't exist when I return? That thought makes me look into her face with devotion.

There was another would-be colleague who was also flying by the same flight from Delhi to Georgia. He forced me to believe that the domestic flight from Bangalore arrives in domestic Airport saying that he has flown from that airport many times. So I believed him and after arriving in Delhi's Airport (International Airport), I got into a Cab (#Ola) and I told him to take me to Delhi International Airport ;-)
It was hilarious!!!

Welcome to Delhi. The driver said that he would take U turn which is some KMs away and you need to pay extra money. I told him I would pay only what ever the #OlaApp says. Then he was trying to explain there were these charges and those charges. I requested him not to repeat same thing again and again as all the charges are included in the final bill. Then, I asked the gentle man to take me to a restaurant, he took me to a bar and restaurant. I asked him to take me to a nice place where they serve nice vegetarian food. Then kept going on and on. I did enjoy the ride in Delhi streets where I once wandered for nearly 3 years. Finally got a call from my would-be colleague and he told me that his place is nearby and asked me to join him as there is around 5 hours time to catch the evening flight to Georgia. We started with lunch that day...

Reached Georgia after strict scrutiny of travel documents at Delhi and then at Sharjah airports. We
were standing in the queue at the Immigrations and not sure whether we would be walking out through the exit door or had to fly back to India as their last attempt to bring an India Yogi to Georgia was a disaster. However, we made it to the exit gate. There was boss waiting for us with her two friends at 2 AM. shows that how much efforts are involved in bringing us here . Gamarjoba Georgia!!!

And there was a question in the car, would you like to eat something? The question itself was an invalid until that day. Anyway, ended up sitting in a restaurant at around 3AM as everybody else wanted to eat. I thought, I would starve if I skip now as the next meal would be very late. It appeared to be common to eat late night as there were other people too at that time. In no time, the place was filled with smoke. Thought myself that there are going to be more surprises/difficulties I should be prepared to face.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Himalayan Trip (Part-1)

It's not the first attempt to go to Himalayas. However, this time I really  could go there. It was a 38 days journey into an unknown world within India. Still there is a lot to be revealed. However, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Uttara Kasi, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Rishikesh, Haridwar and Varanasi are not any more unknown places to me. It took so many years to make it happen.

You really don't need much money to go to Himalayas if you are a bachelor. There are places which offer free stay and free food. However, I paid to the every place I've stayed as I've some money with me.

There are many people roaming in orange robes. Most of them are more psychos than Swamijis. There is no discipline. Speak filthy language, get angry easily, smoke etc. I never want to be one of them. I never want to waste my time in the name of renunciation and sadhana. These all are lies. It seems that it is more of escapism than sadhana. I know many other places and options to do sadhana. This is not my cup of tea. As far as the Himalayan journey is concerned, climbed many mountains, walked many miles, made friends, it was an amazing experience.

There is so much talked about #IndianRailways. However, the reality is something which didn't change mauch.
1. Viajayawada Railway Station Platform #
     Rs. 5/- Lttle Hearts packet was being sold for Rs.10/-. I tweeted the same to +Rail Ministry 
  and I got the reply in just 2 minutes to my surprise saying that the matter is notified to the concerned officials.  Don't know if there is any change in ground reality yet.

2.@sureshpprabhu these unreserved ppl have started smoking in the coach S1/12687. Plz take necsry action. Thank you

    Police have indeed have come and they didn't have guts to take out all ticket-less people from the coach as they all were wearing Orange colored dress. Whey they are treated specially? Indian Railways isn't running with Hindus money, is it? It is tax payers money which supports the functioning. If you have any sentiments, you should practice at home, not at your work place. And on top of it, it is mentioned on the train tickets that "IR recovers only 57% of cost of travel on an average". It is a shame there are thousands of people travelling without paying sinlge penny. Will printing on the tickets help you fetch money? The journey from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Haridwar was a nightmare as most of the people have started smoking and fighting with the people who have proper reservation. There is a lot to write just from one journey, why don't the officials take necessary steps to stop leakages. At #AyodhyaRailwayStation shameless Railway Police was helping general public to board sleeper class.

 Boarded a bus from Haridwar to Joshimat as there weren't direct buses to Badrinath. It was very refreshing to breath the mountain air and those sceneries. Welcome to Uttarakhand, there was a road block around 15 Kms before my destination. There was no way that the block was cleared same day. Many people decided to went back to stay in hotels for that night. I just didn't want to go anywere, there was a tap next to the road I took bath and found some place next to the road. I spread my yoga mat and went to sleep without worrying much about dinner. Later on found dogs also sleeping at the entrance and felt more secure. Woke up in the morning and found everything okay and already started feeling as if I'm a monk ;-)
Didn't wait for the road to get functional, just climbed mountains and reached other side and reached Joshimat and then Badrinath same day.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Good Bye Maldives

One more job is added to the history. I can only say that 5 people have left the Spa team in the same month and I'm one of them.

It was not a long term. However, I still remember those teary eyes which were watching me until I disappeared in the ocean for the last time from the Island.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Eastern Culture vs Western Culture

These two terms are much talked about within India and out side India. I just woke up and started contemplating on this topic and here I'm penning down my reflections. Hunger and thirst have no Eastern Culture and Western Culture. Every living being has to attend their biological needs. Sleep? Yes, but the difference would be in the size of the bed. The more richer, the bigger & thicker the bed. Anyway, hard surface is healthier to sleep on. Water? Yes, the bigger the possession of the money, the expensive water people choose. When everyone on earth can breath the same air and still survive in spite of pollution & sickness causing germs. Then why can't we simply drink the water from the tap? In fact, the more the water is filtered the lesser good it is. May be this is the reason why health is more expensive to the rich people irrespective of culture.

It is said that 95% of the human energy is consumed for sex and money.
I think it is the height of ignorance to believe that the sexual act is an independent function, necessary like sleeping or eating. - Mahatma Gandhi.
That time, there was no concept of contraceptives. However, the man kind has started taking advantage of the various methods of contraceptives. After all human is a human irrespective of caste, creed and nationality. There is so much mind is involved in the act of procreation. Anyway, majority of them are for simply to quench the thirst of biological need. I noticed one thing very common in movies from East and West. Young man and woman like each other and they start with mouth kiss followed by a romantic shower or bed room scene in Hollywood movies. As far as Indian cinema is concerned young man and woman like each other and start holding hands followed by a song and dance. But, the big similarity, I would like to pick here is once they are together in either of the movies they are together respecting each other having good time together being honest to each other.

Now, let me come to more critical and confusing topic. In Western Culture if a man and woman like each other, then having a physical relationship is normal without the concept of marriage. Anyway, people around the world have started adopting these practices. But, what if somebody is in a marriage and likes someone else? The great example is the website where people can find physical partners and their slogan is "Life is short have an affair." Still, it is normal for some people and it is a sexual misconduct for some other. Anyway, when if you can't take, you shouldn't be giving to your partner no matter which world you belong to. Otherwise, life would be full of guilt and misery. And such couple create miserable families.

Why so much of thinking is put into this topic? Should I really be bothered/worried when I see people with more than half a dozen kids having extra marital affairs?
After all, what is the deciding factor?
Treat others as you would like to be treated.