Monday, 6 November 2017

Helping Hand Through Flipkart

Yes, it was the time to cut and store Sorghum Crop (జొన్నతోట) for the coming Summer. But, there was no man power to come and work in the fields at the moment. At the same time, Chandra Babu (My Cousin) came to buy a wall clock through online shopping. I booked the one he has chosen among thousands of clocks and paid money. The product was delivered and I refused when Chandra Babu tried to pay back the money he owed. I proposed him an option to come and work in my farm for two days instead of paying money. He agreed and his next  two days were completely packed. 
It was an experience to see and understand the value of the wall clock as well as the time it shows... 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Forgotten Village

I belong to #AForgottenVillage called Pulleticheruvupalli, Vayalpad Mandal, Chittoor District.
Yes, our village is completely forgotten by our government. We still don't have roads to our Village. In spite of our very own MLA occupying Chief Minister's chair for around 3 years and the current CM is also from our district. He has been CM for around 12 long years. What is it all about? How do we look at it? Even After, 69 long years of Independence, there are villages like ours which are underprivileged. Yes, underprivileged, while rest of the India is moving towards metro and bullet trains, reaching to space and we from #AForgottenVillage struggling to walk on the ground so badly. A good road to the outer world is still a dream in the 21st Century for us. How paradoxical it is in our country as every leader/politicians pities the conditions of villages and make big promises. But, on the ground something hardly happens.

Tweeted to #APCM @ncbn and Newly elected Rural Development Minister @NaraLokesh  and waiting for the response.
For sure, nothing would change for many more decades, unless if you help  us in  making the world hear our cry.