Bragging Rights

Ploughed the fields. Drove bullock carts. Handled real guns and grenades.
Beaten so many seniors in schooling as well as once in job.
Failed in all subjects in 1st year intermediate (+1) and passed in all the subjects in second year (in September and March)without wasting academic year.
Wrote suicide notes twice and couldn’t dare to kill my self and my dreams.
Grew my beard for 6 months many times. Few times, people didn’t believe me when I said I could fix a computer in India as well as abroad.
Been on traveling for 2.5 years.
Traveled in general compartments (3rd Class) and slept on the floor in trains.
Did Sirshasana (Head Stand) on surfing board.
Many times resigned jobs and spent all the savings till I get another job.
Enacted Swami Vivekananda’s role in one of the yoga courses.
Spent 1.5 day without water and food, 2 days without food.
Received the best student award from the same yoga institution which refused me to give admission as I didn’t have enough marks in graduation.
Took 9 long years to complete 3 years of graduation as I was a soldier during that time. But, never gave up.
I always believed that marks are not the yard stick to measure one’s knowledge and didn’t try too hard to score good marks during my education.
Cried all the way home returning from an interview where the interviewer asked me my 10th class, +2 and graduation marks and rejected me for an office boy job. Got another job in less than a week with 10 times bigger package and so on.
Shredded all my graduation mark lists and never wanted to do a job where weightage is given to marks. Though, I keep my convocation certificate.
Slapped my father when he abused my mom physically.
Stole money from home for expenses and became a soldier.
Have been to work continuously without taking any leaves for 18 months without calling or writing home. Family worried about my existence.
Took cold showers over snow mountains in Kashmir during winter.
Touched dead bodies and packed some.
I did have a crush on a girl who was my classmate for more than 15years. Spoke to her at the end and It didn’t work out. Happily cremated that very crush. I’m a survivor.
Have been writing personal diary for last 14 years.
Drank and smoke with my brother and asked him to be honest with me.
I've been using same slippers for around 4 years and I'll be using some more years for sure. Neighbors recognise my presence because of my slippers even if I go home after some years.
Used same plastic bag(cover) for 4 years traveling many places in India as a part of the job.
I’m the one who could buy a wall clock, stove and TV for my grand parents who were having none. 
Lived in Mumbai slums using public toilets.
Stayed and volunteered in ashrams. Stayed in monasteries, a 3 star hotel. Worked for 5 star resort.
Meditated under Bodhi tree in Budh Gaya where Buddha got enlightened.
Gave a telephonic interview to a English journalist.
Gave an interview for an Irish radio.
Practiced 2 hours of meditation every day without fail for one year. However, have been practicing some or other forms of yoga for more than 10 years.
Wrote a fictional story for a popular weekly (Swathi) got rejected. So what? I’ve got blogspot to tell all the real stories (Non-Fictional) this time.
Played blind fold chess and got popular in town.
Made friends in bus and train journeys, chess tournaments and yoga courses.
Met a friend after 10 years of gap we are still keeping letters written 10 years ago.
Saved my money and mobile phone from being stolen many times in busy places. Never lost any of my belongings (Physical) so far.
Made unknown phone calls to unknown girls to get rid of the shyness and made some phone friends.
Sold fish on roads.
Wrote letters to my dad and made him cry for days.
Spent 21hrs continuously keeping my eyes closed (Blind Folded) in silence in my room.
Been to graveyard at mid night and shouted to prove my guts.
Bicycled for 2 days continuously.
Walked 3 hrs in Bangalore to save money (Auto fare).
Now on a trip to Himalayas and adventure continues till I die.