Tuesday, 21 November 2017


We have voted for you to be a CM not a priest. I was absolutely shocked to learn that the Andhra Pradesh's Government has spent the rupees of 4 thousand crores for Krishna Pushkaralu. What do you think? Whose money was that? That was not at all your money. That wasn't only Hindu's money. That was also Muslims, Christians and many others' money. Then, how can you spend the tax payers money to a specific Hindu ritual? One should keep all their spiritual beliefs at home before occupying a CM's position. There are still many villages like ours which need roads and the government is spending a lot of money to promote spiritual baths. We got to see on RTC buses saying "Come and take dips in Pushkaralu and wash away your sins". How many dips in Godavari Pushkaralu will bring back the lives of more than 29 people who were killed in stampede soon after you have left the place very safely with your loved family. Who are you to promote a spiritual bath? Please be a CM not a priest.

I have made many attempts to bring into your consideration that villages like ours are still waiting for roads after 69 long years of Independence. The government has no time to do what it supposed to do. Because, administration is too much occupied to launch and maintain new applications like "Kaizala App (Connect to APCM), Twitter account and 1100 AP Call Center. I tried all those modes to get a road to my village. But, it seems to me that it is all for popularity not for any action. 

I raised the road issue in Connect CM mobile app (kaizala) on the very same day it was launched. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

Exactly on the same date 2 months ago on 21st Sept, received an IVR call from high tech AP CM asking if I was satisfied or not, my reply was no, then, my call was forwarded to a Human who found our village "Pulleticheruvupalli" nowhere in the system. However, she made a note of my village manually under the Gram Panchayat: Chintaparthi, Mandal: Valmikipuram, District: Chittoor. I was handed an arji number: 110010-7874624 with 3 months service time. Already 2 months have passed and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

Since then, I have received same kind of IVR calls 3 more times in the last 2 months. I was only asking about my arji number to which they said that there was still time. Nothing has happened in 2 months, no, no, nothing has happened in 69 years, what will happen in 1 month? I will keep hoping that something will happen till the last day...

Wish we have politicians in the country who believe that they will gain merits by laying roads. But, not by taking mere holy baths...

Monday, 6 November 2017

Helping Hand Through Flipkart

Yes, it was the time to cut and store Sorghum Crop (జొన్నతోట) for the coming Summer. But, there was no man power to come and work in the fields at the moment. At the same time, Chandra Babu (My Cousin) came to buy a wall clock through online shopping. I booked the one he has chosen among thousands of clocks and paid money. The product was delivered and I refused when Chandra Babu tried to pay back the money he owed. I proposed him an option to come and work in my farm for two days instead of paying money. He agreed and his next  two days were completely packed. 
It was an experience to see and understand the value of the wall clock as well as the time it shows... 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

A Forgotten Village

I belong to #AForgottenVillage called Pulleticheruvupalli, Vayalpad Mandal, Chittoor District.
Yes, our village is completely forgotten by our government. We still don't have roads to our Village. In spite of our very own MLA occupying Chief Minister's chair for around 3 years and the current CM is also from our district. He has been CM for around 12 long years. What is it all about? How do we look at it? Even After, 69 long years of Independence, there are villages like ours which are underprivileged. Yes, underprivileged, while rest of the India is moving towards metro and bullet trains, reaching to space and we from #AForgottenVillage struggling to walk on the ground so badly. A good road to the outer world is still a dream in the 21st Century for us. How paradoxical it is in our country as every leader/politicians pities the conditions of villages and make big promises. But, on the ground something hardly happens.

Tweeted to #APCM @ncbn and Newly elected Rural Development Minister @NaraLokesh  and waiting for the response.
For sure, nothing would change for many more decades, unless if you help  us in  making the world hear our cry.

Sunday, 11 December 2016


Yes, you got it rightly. I'm talking about relationship between a man and a woman. Not anything else. Am I going to hurt people by quoting their stories here. It is my story more than anyone else. Shouldn't I have my opinion about the people around me? Yes, while everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and so do I. I'm not gonna reveal anyone's identity, but my own perspective. It is up to you,
you read it or scrape it.

I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you and if it doesn't work out, I've somebody else in the pipeline.
I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you and no other man will touch me until you are in my country and I'll count on you and keep hoping that you will change your mind.
I shouldn't be so surprised when someone says that I'm interested in you, but you are my plan B.

Why I shouldn't be surprised?
This materialistic attitude is very common since so long ago in some parts of the world so openly and in some parts of the world not so openly. But, this exists everywhere. In fact, I remained as an emotional human being and I'm completely in tune with that. Shall I tell you the truth? I'm surprised, I'm so damnly surprised to see how people are being like machines without any emotional bond with the person whom they chose to live with. I used to remind myself "Attachment with detachment".  But this level of detachment is beyond my imagination.

Even people have some emotional connection with their bicycles, bikes, cars etc. They want to keep them for ever. How did human relationships have turned less valuable than the emotional connection with these bicycles, bike and cars? One shouldn't compromise with happiness. But, it doesn't mean that one start cheating their partners and call it as privacy, my own life etc.

Relationships are not even lasting until the couple repay their loan amount which they have taken to run a business together dreaming big about their future. In the end, relationship and business don't exist, but the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) does. What remains at the end is you and the consequences of the choices you made in the past.

They don't know what they want in partner. They don't know who they are themselves. How can they know who they are marrying.  -Mitch Albom (Tuesdays with Morrie)

Every relationship starts with a hope that it lasts for ever and they think that their dreams are turning into reality. But, it is not the case with many relationships.
Then, how can one find the right one, the one which lasts for the rest of the life?
If you search, you may find the right one after few wrong ones.
"Few" is how many?
If you don't search, you don't find any at all. But, you can be found by other always ))
Isn't precious life being wasted in hanging out with wrong people.
This world is far from being filled with all the honest people. Many people claim to be what they are not.

Relationship has true significance only when it is a process of self-revelation. But most of us do not want to be revealed in relationship. On the contrary, we use relationship as a means of covering up our own insufficiency, our own troubles, our own uncertainty. So, relationship becomes mere movement, mere activity. I do not know if you have noticed that relationship is very painful and that as long as it is not a revealing process in which you are discovering yourself, relationship is merely a means of escape from yourself. So, you see that relationship, if you allow it, can be a process of self revelation. But since we do not allow it relationship becomes merely a gratifying activity. As long as the mind merely uses relationship for its own security, that relationship is bound to create confusion and antagonism. 
- J. Krishna Murthi

Contemplation Continues...