Saturday, 8 September 2012

Good Bye Seychelles

(5th September, 2012)
The affair with Seychelles (Known as paradise) came to an end. Reached my apartment after finishing work at 8PM and wrote a resignation letter 2nd time (I'll write more in future posts) and went to bed.

(6th September, 2012)
Today, the first thing I've done at my work was submission of my resignation saying today was my last day at work. I always wanted to have such freedom at any cost.

The cost I've paid this time was hurting my team mates who are so close to my heart. Sorry my dear buddies, I had to take a serious decision and I took it. I'm sure you all will appreciate what I'm going to do hereafter. Everyone of you made me feel so special. In fact, you all are special. I really would like to hear from you achieving more.

When I joined this resort around 2 years ago, felt saying hello with a smile to every person who comes across appeared to be a distraction. I wanted to be with me more while walking or eating. However, started enjoying the culture. Being in my own limits started paying respect to the saying "When in Rome, do as Romans." Now, I see people taking names smilingly is kind of cheering up each other. Here I'm, remembering 100s of names. At times, people wished me by my name even when I didn't know their names. That's when I asked "How do you know my name?" and it has become very popular in my team. Team mates wish me not with 'hi' but with "How do you know my name?". That made me to learn and remember more people in the resort.

In this 22 months, worked with 4 bosses (6 if I add pseudo bosses as well). It was like being a guinea pig. Every now and then, a new boss comes and experimented upon us. I was not ready to be guinea pig 5th time. I was applauded many times saying that I've a photographic memory and at the same time they kept refusing to delegate any responsibilities other than attendant duties. One boss came and promised stars and refused to give stones in reality. One boss came and said to me that my role was suppressed ('restrained' in her own words) and she was going to fix it. Nothing changed until I've mentioned that I was quitting.

As far as earning money is concerned, saved more money than I've ever did. But, it is interesting that now I've learned/got the wisdom to lead a money less life.

What am I taking from Seychelles?
Ocean? Yeah, definitely those images of ocean will stay forever with me. No regret for what so ever. I grew emotionally more stronger here.
Learnt to deal with disagreements/discrimination/selfishness/hypocrites.
Let me finish here and say,