Sunday, 25 March 2012


For me yoga isn’t different from my life in total and as well as in pieces. I never wish to preach without practice. I can’t compromise in it. Since, I’ve started practicing yoga lot of transformation happened. From suppression to transcendence. Being very regular to sadhana (Practice). Being at ease all the time.

What is yoga for me? Yoga is a hobby for me. It is a trance in which I feel completely overwhelming. It is a solace to all my psychic wounds. Yoga is like mamma’s lap for me. Whenever there are any issues bothering me, I get lot of moral support from my sadhana. Mamma knows what I want and when. I just start my sadhana without any intention, simply without any intention. At the end what I find is understanding, the better understanding.

 Yoga is just not about 8 lymbs for me. It is not like commandments to me. It is just like the way it is. No fight, no escapism, simply the truth minute by minute.
What is Yoga for me? Initially, yoga was a way to do lot of Asanas and achieve lot of flexibility. Yoga was one of the lucrative careers for me. But, what happened during my yogic journey? Lost the desire for lot of money, lost the intention to achieve the ability to do more challenging poses. What remained is to simply being happy without anything or at least with lesser things.

 What is Yoga for me? Yoga is an internal journey for me. Travelled enough outside and enough of this ignorance. It will never be complete without knowing myself and that is where yoga is helping me.
What is Yoga for me? Me being introverted found yoga having a lot for me. For me Yoga is not a just a career to make some money. Money can’t attract me for too long. Because, my interest lies in living yoga not just having a title “Yoga Instructor”. There was lot of anger, sorrow, regression in me which was suppressed many times. Now, my efforts are not in controlling them, my efforts are to transcend emotions and stay calmer and be in unwavering equanimity.

 Yoga is not just memorizing “Patanjali Yoga Sutras” for me.  
 Living in peace every minute is Yoga for me.
 My ashramic experiences meant a lot to me. Always dreamt of being in hostel during my education, which couldn’t happen. That dream came true when I chose to go to ashrams. It was not too difficult for me to get back to ashramic schedule and discipline to my best. It was something I longed for years.

 I decided to live like this. I don’t mind calling it Yoga or something else.