Sunday, 29 June 2008


I've been full of so many thoughts in connection with marriage these days. What I ask my self is "Is that fair enough to bound myself with one family a small family? Is that all I can do in my life? What about millions of poor people around? What about orphan children in my country? What's the connection between marriage and my these concerns? Can marriage stop me from working for non profit organisations? Will my wife (If I marry) stop me from doing service to needy people? Absolutely, no idea. There are half of the chances if I marry blindly. What if I can marry a girl who is with same vision? What if I don't marry? What am I gonna lose?

Am I gonna neglect biological needs? Then, what about thousands of other things. Pranayama, Meditation, satvik food, good food habbits and positive thinking. Why every young woman and man is being compelled by the society to get married? Why not this society compel young people to practice YOGA?

Don't you think there is so much out there in this world other than going to office, leading a family, raising chidren (In spite of India has already crossed 110 crores of population) and running behind money. Why does one need more and more money? Why do you want moeny if you aren't going to marry? Why do you have to work for these multinational companies if you don't want money? So, I think marriage makes us very fond of money. Or else, we and our children will be lagging behind in this materialistic world. Bribary also comes into picture at that point of time. There won't be any limit if you are into Govt job. Marriage makes you to compromise with so many things.

One should know what to give up for what. Most of the families aren't happy. But, they don't walk away showing so many excuses. Even, we can change our Govt every 5yrs or before 5yrs if we don't like. But, how many years does an unsatisfied couple want, to walk away from a relationship? How many decades do they want? May not be one life time? Is that all you do in your whole life? Why we are so stuck up with relationships?
What about parents? Do we have to obey them what ever they say? It's okay if they are getting upgraded themselves according to changing times. It's not okay if you are doing just because their qualification is being your Mom or Dad. What is the cost of it? your life? Your freedom?

So many whys without answers. I'd like to listen from you if you have answers for me.