Monday, 7 March 2011

Journey To The Unseen World...

Life has been a wild journey since I was 20. That is the time when I've started taking charge of my life, that is the time when I've started traveling on my own. But, it was never encouraged in my family. However, started doing things independently. It is been 13years to this traveling experince. It was not just external traveling. It also includes internal journey as well to satisfy my other side of me. I can even name it as a spiritual journey. It started with carrying lot of weight in my back pack and also in my mind. In the process both have become lighter and lighter. Realised that I'm carrying things which are really not necessary. Started dropping out after every journey. Now, I understand the life of monks. No one owes them, they owe no one. Living on very minimum.

My quest for traveling brought me to an island country called Seychelles, Africa. This is where I'm currenty teaching yoga. Neverthless, my first priority is to live yoga rather teaching. I think, I'm doing that so far. The day I find it is not happening, I will not look for second reason to say quit. It is alarming to use "I" many times since I read about Ramana Maharshi.

For me, just being in an island is more than fascinating as I always liked to be near water and trees. Seychelles is of 115 islands. I'm living on one of them called Mahe. I haven't been to other islands yet. Two more are more popular, they are Praslin and La Digue. I'm still enjoying the breath taking views in my surroundings. Every day, I find some or other stunning views. Being closer to the ocean all the time is an amazing experience. Ocean is visible from my work place as well as from my living room. I can even say that I'm quenching my thirst for the ocean here.

When I went to Victoria the capital city of Seychelles, I was surprised to see such a small town being a capital to one country. How big it could be to a country where around 85,000 people live? Those Mumbai days were recalled. Travelling in a local train which carries more than 85,000 people. It was an intense experience. My days were beginning with train journey there. No matter, how hard it was, every place carries some energy back there.