Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On The Waters

All the things are difficult before they are easy. I'm not trying to endorse what someone has said earlier. I thought it is more appropriate to start with that sentence this time. It was few days ago I read about surfing lessons for the staff on the notice board and signed up very excitingly. But, I was wondering that I might end up in embarrassment reason being didn't know anything about surfing. It makes me laugh when I remember that I didn't even know that it is to go with the tides or against to the tides. Mandy was the surfing instructor, I didn't ask her anything expecting that when I will go to the waves I will see. I took some chances at the beginning to understand. Then fun began riding on surfing board. Wow, what an interesting sport it is!!!

It was same excitement which I had when I started riding bicycle on my own for the first time. Learning new things has always been very exciting.