Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Grand Ma

Me and my siblings call her 'Ma' (Mamma). We never called her 'Grand Ma'. If we did she would get
angry though she is around 80 years old now. There are so many memories around her. There is so much of inspiration which she ignited in me unknowingly/innocently. Some memories make me cry like a child. I wish I ever be a small kid crying in my grand Ma's lap. But, what to do? Time never stops. What ever it is she is closer to my heart even being thousands of miles away... The last time when I was leaving her, she brought a bag and emptied in front of me and told me to take all the money she saved probably for quite long time mentioning that the money would help me as I was going too far away (Mumbai). She persuaded me a lot to accept. I was weeping in side. I didn't at all accept. I was very adamant on my decision. It was the very same day my brother got married in the morning. That was the only reason which made me to stay at home till that day. Anyway, said good bye to her and followed my path. She kept on watching me with her teary eyes till I disappeared. I got burst on my way alone. Kept on weeping like a child all the way loudly. It was a village road and there were no people. My dear Grand Ma, You have always been there in the village welcoming me and sending me off no matter how many times. It is annoying me to think that one day the village will exist without you. So much of care and kindness you showered on me since I was born. How can I pay you back now? You used to give me 5 rupees when I was 10 years old. I was running on the roads keeping one hand on my pocked happily. I wish I could stop your old age with the very same hand and happily run again. It took me 15 years to get back to you with 5,000 rupees mentioning that your 5 rupees has become 5,000 and please accept it. I know it was no where closer to the feeling of receiving 5 rupees. You taught me how to be a vegetarian and still be very strong. I never saw a perfect vegan like you so far. The love you show on animals is ever inspiring me. It was my quest to learn made me wandering everywhere. But, for you the village is the university, trees and animals are your professors and students. Thank you very much for everything you taught me innocently...