Thursday, 2 February 2012

Saw my Grand Ma

Wandered all around the farm though I was recovering from my leg injury. I don't know when I will get a chance to have a look again. The smell of the soil was making me so pleasant. Felt as if I was there for years.

Sat for a while under my favorite guava tree. Few feet away my eldest sister has been resting under the soil for 13 years. She left us hoping that the rest of the family would be benefited. Poor girl.

 The coconut trees reminded me of my hard toil. Today, they are too tall. I can't climb up them any more. At the same time, I’ve recognized that the farm was lacking some trees that I’ve been watching since my childhood. This kind of incidents waver my aspirations of protecting/planting more and more trees. I used to think of buying all the trees around the village and putting a label on them to protect from cutting off. How greenish it used to be. I don’t think I am too far from doing that.

 Followed the old path after checking everything around in the farm. That slowly led me into the village. There were some people wished me and said that I've become lean and it is because I wanted to earn more money. I just smiled and continued walking. I walked into the village on that shiny afternoon. There she was having her lunch sitting on the porch. The two old eyes became teary after recognizing me. Felt so nice to see her again. I wasn't sure of seeing her again when I left a year and a half ago. Could see a lot of change.

My two grand parents have become more older. But, have got a new home. How good it is? Longed for a better house for decades, finally they have got it. Though it is not an all-new home. Old house is renovated. But, it means a lot to them. They feel so happy in it. Thanks to my brother to make it happen.