Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Easter Sunday

One Page from my Diary...

8th April, Easter Sunday, 2012
Day started with a new experience. Went to church in the morning with few of my colleagues. Those scenes were going back and forth through out my day.
May God be with you.
And also be with you.
People aske me, what religion do I follow?
I simply say ‘Humanity’.
Then why to go to temples and churches?
Because, I like every religion as it is. Not the way as they are being followed.
People were in business attire. Ladies were wearing hats. Mostly older women. Don’t know how this business attire is being followed. Jesus Christ lived/preached simplicity.
It was interesting to see people entering and kneeling down. Father came and mass was started with some speech and songs. I joined the chorus.
I don’t know much about Jesus Christ. What I all know is his great compassion even towards his assassinates. A great example has set forth.
Oh! Father they know not what they are doing,
Forgive them.
I was looking at the cross and my heart was becoming heavier and heavier.