Monday, 13 August 2012

House Keeping

I was wondering if I can get a chance to work in House Keeping department cleaning rooms (Villas). I didn't know whom to speak and where to go with that wish. I got an answer one day on our notice board through "One Day Discovery Experience" program. Signed up very excitingly without any delay.  However, it took nearly 5 months for our HR to put this into reality. So what? Finally the day has come and I've worked one full day making beds and cleaning rooms.

In House Keeping Uniform
I was shadowing one of the senior room attendants who was nice. He was fasting for his Ramadhan (In India we call it Roja) and that made me to feel sorry for him. It was not an easy task to do while fasting without water.

I was in search of the experience I've got while cleaning rooms in BSY (Bihar School of Yoga). I found it no where. It took me whole day to realise the difference. Many times in BSY, the lady monk who was in charge of rooms found dust even after cleaning for many hours. At the beginning, it was frustrating. Finally, one day I've asked her angrily, "why do you see everything in magnifier?".  She replied, this is just not cleaning the room, it is also some sort of personality development. This will help you in real life as well. You will start considering every detail while taking decisions in your life after you go from here. Started, putting my best and smilingly accepted what ever feed back she was giving from that day onwards.

In the search of that experience, went to clean rooms today. There were so many distractions to be one with what I was doing. Everywhere, my mind was noticing things which were wrong rather I say ignorance of the people. Found around 12 half emptied water bottles in one villa. Who cares? Have a lot of money. However, money is yours, but not natural resources.

In one room, found around 11 pairs of sandal and shoes. Yes, they are not going to be here for years. This was all for less than a week vacation. Who cares how many shoes you have? People take so much pain to show off. One great man said, people live and die in trying to look good.

While cleaning the rooms, I was thinking that there are so many people sitting in the office doing very simple jobs until I spent my last hour in the HSK office. There were so many calls and other jobs which they were doing. They make and receive around 1000 calls a day. It's huge. Good that I've spent my last one hour in the office.

I was asked to give 5 minutes yoga session for HSK staff at the beginning of the shift. Yes, 5 mins? How can I do 5 mins yoga? No mats, bare floor and middle of the other stuff. However, did it for the sake of it. Not sure, if they all will get a chance to do yoga again.

I've asked one of the HSK staff that what would she do if she completes 5 rooms before her shift. She replied, I'd not do quickly, I'd take all the time for my rooms. If I did quickly, I'd be given more rooms to clean and I'll receive "Thank you". But, nothing else. I was thinking monitory incentives can yield more fruits.