Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tips (Monetary)

There was a good couple staying in the resort and attending yoga regularly who have checked out (They could check out but they can't leave from my memories) recently. They offered me tips mentioning it is a multi cultural gift (in his own terms). I'll mention why it is a multi cultural gift later.

It was reminding me my first experience a year and a half ago. I politely refused a guest who was offering me money after yoga session. I told him "It's so nice of you that you are offering money. It's my duty and I'm already being paid for this." Later on, I understood the culture of the hotel and realized that people may not feel so comfortable when their tips are refused. It was busy time when I started working here. Started accepting monetary appreciation from the guests. I was happy. Because, I could leave the job and go back to my farm quicker than I've planned. However, I didn't take too long to understand that it only happens in festival season.

Once a guest has given me an envelop and I didn't open it until I reached my apartment. I found a nice letter apart from the currency on which it is written "In God We Trust". When ever an employee receives a written appreciation from the guest there supposed to be a record of it (Here they call "Wows, Hibiscus Letters and Aspects" according to the situation). However, my bosses have been too busy to do those things and lost the record of such many appreciations. I'll put my best anyway, I enjoy the process itself not the only end of it.

Now, let me come back to the multi cultural gift I was talking about at the beginning.  I opened it and found currency of three countries together. Felt guilty of taking the favor from someone. Again, I was recalling the words of my colleagues "It is a means of saying thank you". That way, it was the biggest thanks I've ever received from one guest so far. I pledge, I'll make the every penny count. I'll never let down the hard work of others.