Friday, 24 August 2012

What is your world?

Chieko Akari
I was asked this question recently. Now, I'm answering. But, the person who asked this question doesn't exist any more. It was Chieko Akari who asked me this question. She left this world on Aug-15th all of sudden due to brain hemorrhage.

I'm sure that the inspiration she gave will last for ever. Her dedication and commitment during Kdham (We did diploma in yoga together) will never be forgotten. I still remember the way she recited mantras. She was the best. I felt so guilty at the beginning looking at my performance. After thinking about it again and again it gave me a lot of inspiration. Why can't I, when a Japanese girl could learn sanskrit mantras. Definitely "Can do attitude". I've asked her to recite mantras many times to record. But, she was shy.

Dear Chieko,

My world which I want to create and live is self sustainable world, a money-less world, a spiritual world.

To make it more clear, I want to live in a farm using solar energy for cooking and electricity, growing my own food (mainly vegetables and seasonal fruits), meditating rest of the time. I'll open doors of my farm freely for all those who have at least done one Vipassana Meditation course any where in the world. In return they have to work on my fields at least 4 hours a day.

I'm not far from making this reality. I've already resigned to my current job (5 Star Resort) and it was my last resignation. I'm sure you would have visited my farm if you were alive. I didn't have any of your photos until you left this world. Now, I've managed to get one.

I've recently watched a movie called "The Japanese Wife" and I was about to recommend you to watch this. But, it is too late now.

With peace and love,