Friday, 8 February 2013

Dreams are under construction...

Just finished quarter of my one year journey. Initially, I wanted to be disonnected completely.  I'd to come home after spending 3 months in a Vipassana Meditaiton center meditating/volunteering. I was given such responsibilites where I'd to use phone and the internet again and again. However, it was not a hinderance in my practice.

Met very interesting people in those 3 months. Realised how much the knowledge gained through travelling/working was coming handy in dealing with the issues in the operation of the meditation centre. Worked so hard in strengthening my equanimity. It was so nice to see people coming and going with the graceful smile.

Understood that the transfermation in every individual leads to the better nation. And everyone who is volunteering in such places are serving the nation in whole. What do you say?

I've asked one of the seniour Assistant Teachers there,
Q: The nation would have missed Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi, if they would have been volunteering in such places?
Teacher (Mohan Rajji): The building can't stand for too long if the foundation stones want to be seen all the time. The foundation plays a main role in keeping the building in shape. So, if the people whom the nation admires would have been the part of the foundation in other way.

Alright! Let me tell you why I had to return home. It is very rare that I've returned home without at least spending 1 year. This time, It has been only 3 months being away. My brother called me many times and said that he has started constructing home at my farm which means my dreams are under construction. And also, he asked my presence in the process. So, decided to pause my journey for a while. In fact, it is on March 18th I'll have to be in Kutch, Gujarath to attend another meditation course.