Sunday, 13 September 2015


Yes, wait was worth. Waited for 4 months to be here. Blue Ocean, White Sand and Lagoons. The lagoon word always reminds me of the 2 movies "The Blue Lagoon" and "Return To The Blue Lagoon".

It surprises me when I look back on my previous post. Mumbai to Maldives.
It's been 10 days here. Being next to the ocean always is a special feeling. Today is my first day off and been to snorkeling. My child hood fear has arisen in me for a while when I was over the deep ocean. Once I was rescued from drowning while trying to learn swimming back in my village. It was a great feeling to witness the marine world from the top. May be somebody else also doing snorkeling on us from the top.

I was terrified with the first day experiences. Ordered vegetable rice after landing in Male and what I was served was rice with omelette. Requested him to take off the omelette and bring me the vegetable rice only. Tasted one hand full, oh no! found there is egg mixed in it. However, the restaurant guy made a failure attempt to convince me that there are vegetables too.

Reached my work place by the night by domestic flight and a speed boat. Dinner time, prepared myself to begin and found tuna (Fish) in Dal and chose pumkin soup and found fish in it too. Decided, not going to fast again and slowly started eating just the rice. In that silence, I was calculating how many days I will sustain this. Previously lost 10 kgs in one year having Dal and Rice most of the time.

To my surprise, saw chapaties, fruits and dal without any fish on next day and so on. Good, I'm going to work harder to achieve wait-listed things for quite some time.