Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Day Off trip to Male

Returned to Male after 58 days to spend time away from the  small island where I live and work. It always gives me a sense of lightness when I wander in unknown places. My inner voice gets more louder.

Male is around 125 Kms away from the island where I'm living.
It took around 30 mins by domestic flight. Straight away went to SBI (State Bank of India) to open an account for salary transfers. It was good to see such a prompt service in SBI. Exploration started on the streets of Male. Bought snorkeling gear to enjoy my next swim in the ocean. Converted the price into INR (Indian Rupees) and felt little bit heavy on the pocket. Though the gentleman at the shop mentioned that he gave me a discount as I look like Maldivian. People started speaking in Dhivehi (Maldivian Language) until I requested them to "Speak in English please."

Saw a restaurant and wanted to eat something as I was hungry. Saw a vegetable rice and asked him is this without fish, "Yes" said he. Without egg as well? "Not sure" said he. I said forget about it and give me Mango shake. I was safe drinking that shake rather eating something there as the previous experience is still fresh. And also, the time zone of my home island is 2hrs ahead. Felt it is too late to find something surely vegetarian.

Caught the return flight in the evening and reached back to my home island. 58 days of working in a resort after almost 3 years of gap appeared to be not so different. The super boss who has hired me has left the team abruptly and I'm sure that there are going to be hard lessons waiting for me. I'm determined to learn with dignity.

Just after getting down on the island got a message "Please drop by in Spa...to amend the schedule" from my immediate boss. It was due to my colleague's extension from his vacation. Straight away went to Office hoping that would hardly take 5 mins to amend the schedule. However, it took whole lot of time as my boss kept changing and changing the schedule. She turned a deaf ear to all the concerns I was quoting. It has always been hard when ever boss is changed. And here I'm dealing with the change on my day off around 9 PM. New bosses want to change everything up side down over night. Finally she arrived to a conclusion and I did exactly what was asked and sent the Yoga schedule to all departments while most of them are shut down for the day. Ran to canteen to only see everything is cleaned. Fine, dinner is also skipped. Didn't want to tell my boss and make her feel bad at this time. Took glass of water and reached my room. Me in my own space...