Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gamarjoba(Hello) Georgia (Part-1)

Typed "Yoga Jobs" in search bar in FB. Responded to one of the posts and got a response in a day asking to fix an appointment for an interview. And that lead me to land in a new country called Georgia (Not the American state called Georgia). It's neither in Europe nor in Asia. Found a new term called Eurasia. It all happened in a week time. It was too quick to believe. I was little suspicious as it was a FB post and I was getting ready to go to the cold country. Spent a lot of money in buying warm clothes and this venture has became the most expensive as I had to fly to Delhi from Bangalore on top of shopping as my flight tickets are from Delhi to Georgia via Sharjah.

Went to see family (Many would understand that family means wife and children, in my case, no, I have neither of them ;-)) Everytime, I think what if my Grandma doesn't exist when I return? That thought makes me look into her face with devotion.

There was another would-be colleague who was also flying by the same flight from Delhi to Georgia. He forced me to believe that the domestic flight from Bangalore arrives in domestic Airport saying that he has flown from that airport many times. So I believed him and after arriving in Delhi's Airport (International Airport), I got into a Cab (#Ola) and I told him to take me to Delhi International Airport ;-)
It was hilarious!!!

Welcome to Delhi. The driver said that he would take U turn which is some KMs away and you need to pay extra money. I told him I would pay only what ever the #OlaApp says. Then he was trying to explain there were these charges and those charges. I requested him not to repeat same thing again and again as all the charges are included in the final bill. Then, I asked the gentle man to take me to a restaurant, he took me to a bar and restaurant. I asked him to take me to a nice place where they serve nice vegetarian food. Then kept going on and on. I did enjoy the ride in Delhi streets where I once wandered for nearly 3 years. Finally got a call from my would-be colleague and he told me that his place is nearby and asked me to join him as there is around 5 hours time to catch the evening flight to Georgia. We started with lunch that day...

Reached Georgia after strict scrutiny of travel documents at Delhi and then at Sharjah airports. We
were standing in the queue at the Immigrations and not sure whether we would be walking out through the exit door or had to fly back to India as their last attempt to bring an India Yogi to Georgia was a disaster. However, we made it to the exit gate. There was boss waiting for us with her two friends at 2 AM. shows that how much efforts are involved in bringing us here . Gamarjoba Georgia!!!

And there was a question in the car, would you like to eat something? The question itself was an invalid until that day. Anyway, ended up sitting in a restaurant at around 3AM as everybody else wanted to eat. I thought, I would starve if I skip now as the next meal would be very late. It appeared to be common to eat late night as there were other people too at that time. In no time, the place was filled with smoke. Thought myself that there are going to be more surprises/difficulties I should be prepared to face.