Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Himalayan Trip (Part-2)

Bharat Sevashram Sangha is the place where I headed after reaching Badrinath. 
The office bearer looked at me from bottom to top when I have asked for a room. Then he directed me to go to Swamiji who was the in-charge of the ashram. Again same looks from top to bottom. He said that I would have to pay money, why not Swamiji, said I. 
How many days?
For 15 days.
Will you eat outside or will you eat in the ashram?
I'll eat in the ashram only.
Okay per day 200/-. You pay total 2400/- instead of 3000/-.  

I paid the money and got the room. It was so dirty. Still I was happy to be able to reach that place. Told myself that I am gonna stay here for coming 15 days come what may. Went to Bhagawat Gita session. There I felt I was really in an ashram.

Cleaned the room as soon as I got back to the room and started feeling as it was my home. There was puja (worship) in the evening followed by dinner. There was segregation, all the people who wear orange clothes sit together and the brahmacharis (Singles) sit together. Married people sit for dinner once all these single people finish their dinner. Reached my room and spread my yoga mat on the top of the bed which was damp and slept and so on for 15 nights.

Next morning went to the temple the Badrinath Temple after taking bath in hot spring (Tapt Kund). It was so warming and nice experience to be in a hot pool during cold weather. People call it as God's miracle that there is this hot spring. I came to know that there are such hot springs all over the world. There would be different stories based on their religion. Sat in the temple to meditate for a while. There were so many who were sitting around. Some were doing Mala (Rosaries) and some were just sitting silently like me. 

I saw the Ashram in-charge Swamiji praying who once asked an elderly person to leave the dining table as he was not a single man. That elderly man had to leave the food which he started eating. How terrible it was. He could have excused him for that one time and could have told him next time. There is no scarcity of such stone-hearted people in this world. 

The more I heard from the people the more I wanted to know. There were all kinds of people from psychos to scientists. Where do I belong? Which extreme? 
Time will tell...