Sunday, 7 January 2007

Are you being killed by the TIME?

How are you? I know, you’ll definitely say that I’m fine. But, I bet you aren’t feeling good inside. Coz, you’re not doing what you want. You couldn’t achieve what you had to. You aren’t concentrating on your career. Reason being, you take everything as granted.

Tell me one thing, if you aren’t able to wake up on time, if you aren’t able to bath on time, if you aren’t able to have your food on time, then, how can you think that you can achieve something b4 you die. For everything there is a time span, for life as well.

Once, try to remember the confidence, which you had at the beginning of every academic year. You might have thought that you should get 1st rank. Then, what happened at the end? You struggled to obtain pass marks. Coz, we tend to postpone the things, we tend to neglect the small things, which make life. Life is what? Time. Time is what? Collection of minutes. If you are doing something productive at this moment means you are doing something good in your life. So, don’t worry about 2morrow, just utilize this moment. See, no one wants to wake up early in the morning even winners also. However, they do. No one wants to sit like a rock and concentrate on books even top rankers also, however, they do. Trust me; we’re stronger than what we think. Once, you know the logic; nothing on the earth can stop you from achieving your ambitions.

Come on, wake up and be focused. Remember your mom, how she does everything on time right from morning to night as a soldier. You have to thank her. But how? Not by paying money but achieving something. She’s the one who takes pain and gives us pleasure. But what we’re paying her back? We’re insulting her by wasting our time (Life).

No one will ask you like “How many movies have you seen? How many girl friends do you have? How much time did you spend on chit chat?” society will ask you like “What’s your qualification and how may marks have you obtained? What have you achieved?” See, how meaninglessly we’re spending our life.

Lacking money doesn’t mean that you are poor. Lacking burning desire means poor. Remember, Ekalavya and his determination. If you want you too can become Ekalavya.