Wednesday, 25 February 2009

LIFE IS SHORT, isn't it?

I heard one person saying that life is short. So, why not smoke and booze? I also saw people always running towards tea stalls throughout the day. They seem to be very busy. But, what is the use?

Of course, life is short. So, why can’t it be utilized in more and more constructive way? Why can’t these people question themselves “What am I going to get from this?” before wasting life on such stupid things. Yes, we all will die one day. But, think what you are going to leave behind.

Why can’t we take this same excuse to achieve 1st rank at least distinction if you are a student, to donate if you are rich, to serve if you have energy, to teach if you have enough capability, to sow seeds of change if you have time?

Come on, let us have SANKALPA (Resolve) to quit all these bad hobbits and use this very life to achieve something. Of course, this will be a great honor to our mother. Tell me who doesn’t want to honor their mother? Let us remember that so many lives are connected with our life. So, let us save ours and others as well. Let us lit the candle of aspiration for betterment of our lives.

Some people also say that more discipline brings descends. I don’t agree with this. That pain would be very temporary. It is nothing in terms of the fruits that discipline reaps.

Let me tell a small story. There were 3 friends and 1st guy said to rest of them that life is short and we don’t get this opportunity again. So, let us smoke and booze. This boy’s words made rest of the two boys think a lot. Time has made them to depart each other. After some years 3 of them meet and 2 of the boys say thanks to the 1st boy. 2nd boy said that because of 1st boys words he had became an IAS officer. 3rd boy said that because of 1st boys words he had became yoga teacher. That time the 1st boy realized that he had invested his time and efforts on wrong tings. But the universal truth is “LIFE IS AN ART OF DRAWING WITHOUT AN ERASER”. Nevertheless, I believe that you can change your mistakes in that art to a bigger and beautiful picture if you have strong SANKALPA.