Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Grand Ma

Me and my siblings call her 'Ma' (Mamma). We never called her 'Grand Ma'. If we did she would get
angry though she is around 80 years old now. There are so many memories around her. There is so much of inspiration which she ignited in me unknowingly/innocently. Some memories make me cry like a child. I wish I ever be a small kid crying in my grand Ma's lap. But, what to do? Time never stops. What ever it is she is closer to my heart even being thousands of miles away... The last time when I was leaving her, she brought a bag and emptied in front of me and told me to take all the money she saved probably for quite long time mentioning that the money would help me as I was going too far away (Mumbai). She persuaded me a lot to accept. I was weeping in side. I didn't at all accept. I was very adamant on my decision. It was the very same day my brother got married in the morning. That was the only reason which made me to stay at home till that day. Anyway, said good bye to her and followed my path. She kept on watching me with her teary eyes till I disappeared. I got burst on my way alone. Kept on weeping like a child all the way loudly. It was a village road and there were no people. My dear Grand Ma, You have always been there in the village welcoming me and sending me off no matter how many times. It is annoying me to think that one day the village will exist without you. So much of care and kindness you showered on me since I was born. How can I pay you back now? You used to give me 5 rupees when I was 10 years old. I was running on the roads keeping one hand on my pocked happily. I wish I could stop your old age with the very same hand and happily run again. It took me 15 years to get back to you with 5,000 rupees mentioning that your 5 rupees has become 5,000 and please accept it. I know it was no where closer to the feeling of receiving 5 rupees. You taught me how to be a vegetarian and still be very strong. I never saw a perfect vegan like you so far. The love you show on animals is ever inspiring me. It was my quest to learn made me wandering everywhere. But, for you the village is the university, trees and animals are your professors and students. Thank you very much for everything you taught me innocently...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On The Waters

All the things are difficult before they are easy. I'm not trying to endorse what someone has said earlier. I thought it is more appropriate to start with that sentence this time. It was few days ago I read about surfing lessons for the staff on the notice board and signed up very excitingly. But, I was wondering that I might end up in embarrassment reason being didn't know anything about surfing. It makes me laugh when I remember that I didn't even know that it is to go with the tides or against to the tides. Mandy was the surfing instructor, I didn't ask her anything expecting that when I will go to the waves I will see. I took some chances at the beginning to understand. Then fun began riding on surfing board. Wow, what an interesting sport it is!!!

It was same excitement which I had when I started riding bicycle on my own for the first time. Learning new things has always been very exciting.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Daughters of India

Women are the ones who raise/shape the citizens of tomorrow. If they are in suffering, how can we expect better citizens, better nation?

As long as women are not treated with respect and care, any nation will not be able to be a better place to live.

In recent days, there's been a survey which tells that India is next to Pakistan in dangerous countries for women.

Very often we read news mentioning that a women is thrown out of the train or murdered etc.
What is happening? No mother on this earth would like their children commit such crimes. But, still such citizens are being born and crimes are continuing.

Dear daughters of India, remember Rudrama Devi, Jhansi Bai, Kiran Bedi, Sarojini Naide, Indira Gandhi, find your inspiration and be dare while dealing with any hurdles you come across. Be proud that you are the creators of tomorrow.

When you suffer as a mother, remember that you are not alone suffering, tomorrow's hope is also suffering in the form your children. If that suffering is from your own husband who promised a colorful life. Don't hesitate to walk away further from that person with whom you walked 7 steps. You might be under impression that the life is difficult as single parent. Never mind, it will be more worse living together and making your children suffer. Parents need to be the support not a weakness. Children from disturbed families develop some fears which will take a life time efforts to handle. I see no reason in living together even after husband beating. It is the point to walk away and live a life of self respect. Human beings are treated to be like humans not like animals. There is no reason which exists to lead to physical abuse.

When matter comes to diverse rate, it is very less in our nation. It is as low as 1.1% whereas it is 50% in the US. Does it mean that our marriages are happy marriages? I don't think so. It is the habit of feeling helpless which makes our couples together. But, at what cost? At the cost of your life? At the cost of your children's future? Even, our society praises those women mentioning “She is very patient”, “She is good wife”, “It was a great achievement for her to get on with him”. It's funny, isn't it?

When you suffer as a citizen, remember that you are not alone suffering, the whole nation is suffering. Find a solution quickly. You no need to be inferior. Be equipped to meet challenges of the life. Being women should not be an excuse, it should be a reason to do many more things.

People very often say when ever there is any crime against women that why women is out that time or etc? Instead of having such questions we should think about the freedom. Are we really a independent country? How can we say yes as long as half of the population is frightened about their own existence?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Journey To The Unseen World...

Life has been a wild journey since I was 20. That is the time when I've started taking charge of my life, that is the time when I've started traveling on my own. But, it was never encouraged in my family. However, started doing things independently. It is been 13years to this traveling experince. It was not just external traveling. It also includes internal journey as well to satisfy my other side of me. I can even name it as a spiritual journey. It started with carrying lot of weight in my back pack and also in my mind. In the process both have become lighter and lighter. Realised that I'm carrying things which are really not necessary. Started dropping out after every journey. Now, I understand the life of monks. No one owes them, they owe no one. Living on very minimum.

My quest for traveling brought me to an island country called Seychelles, Africa. This is where I'm currenty teaching yoga. Neverthless, my first priority is to live yoga rather teaching. I think, I'm doing that so far. The day I find it is not happening, I will not look for second reason to say quit. It is alarming to use "I" many times since I read about Ramana Maharshi.

For me, just being in an island is more than fascinating as I always liked to be near water and trees. Seychelles is of 115 islands. I'm living on one of them called Mahe. I haven't been to other islands yet. Two more are more popular, they are Praslin and La Digue. I'm still enjoying the breath taking views in my surroundings. Every day, I find some or other stunning views. Being closer to the ocean all the time is an amazing experience. Ocean is visible from my work place as well as from my living room. I can even say that I'm quenching my thirst for the ocean here.

When I went to Victoria the capital city of Seychelles, I was surprised to see such a small town being a capital to one country. How big it could be to a country where around 85,000 people live? Those Mumbai days were recalled. Travelling in a local train which carries more than 85,000 people. It was an intense experience. My days were beginning with train journey there. No matter, how hard it was, every place carries some energy back there.