Saturday, 2 July 2011

Daughters of India

Women are the ones who raise/shape the citizens of tomorrow. If they are in suffering, how can we expect better citizens, better nation?

As long as women are not treated with respect and care, any nation will not be able to be a better place to live.

In recent days, there's been a survey which tells that India is next to Pakistan in dangerous countries for women.

Very often we read news mentioning that a women is thrown out of the train or murdered etc.
What is happening? No mother on this earth would like their children commit such crimes. But, still such citizens are being born and crimes are continuing.

Dear daughters of India, remember Rudrama Devi, Jhansi Bai, Kiran Bedi, Sarojini Naide, Indira Gandhi, find your inspiration and be dare while dealing with any hurdles you come across. Be proud that you are the creators of tomorrow.

When you suffer as a mother, remember that you are not alone suffering, tomorrow's hope is also suffering in the form your children. If that suffering is from your own husband who promised a colorful life. Don't hesitate to walk away further from that person with whom you walked 7 steps. You might be under impression that the life is difficult as single parent. Never mind, it will be more worse living together and making your children suffer. Parents need to be the support not a weakness. Children from disturbed families develop some fears which will take a life time efforts to handle. I see no reason in living together even after husband beating. It is the point to walk away and live a life of self respect. Human beings are treated to be like humans not like animals. There is no reason which exists to lead to physical abuse.

When matter comes to diverse rate, it is very less in our nation. It is as low as 1.1% whereas it is 50% in the US. Does it mean that our marriages are happy marriages? I don't think so. It is the habit of feeling helpless which makes our couples together. But, at what cost? At the cost of your life? At the cost of your children's future? Even, our society praises those women mentioning “She is very patient”, “She is good wife”, “It was a great achievement for her to get on with him”. It's funny, isn't it?

When you suffer as a citizen, remember that you are not alone suffering, the whole nation is suffering. Find a solution quickly. You no need to be inferior. Be equipped to meet challenges of the life. Being women should not be an excuse, it should be a reason to do many more things.

People very often say when ever there is any crime against women that why women is out that time or etc? Instead of having such questions we should think about the freedom. Are we really a independent country? How can we say yes as long as half of the population is frightened about their own existence?