Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mama's Boy Friend

Very often, I hear this from my western colleagues and feel awkward. Some people even talk about their Mama's Ex Boy Friends.

It's like this in western culture:
(Wife to Husband)
Honey! Yours kids and my kids are fighting with our kids.
3 to 4 generations are living together in India. For example in my family there are 4 generations together. I'm always away being an exceptional (May be some people would be calling me westerner by thoughts). If I have to respond to it, I'd say that I'm neither easterner nor westerner. I'm simply in pursuit of my own happiness.

Recently, some people were saying that how difficult it would be to live that many people together. Stating that there are so many different needs from newly married couple to old people. Yes, I understood their point. However, this is one side of the coin. The another side is many folds beautiful and complete. May be it seems sentimental to western friends who have grown up with step fathers, step mothers and step siblings. It is far from reality to imagine living with grand parents. How materialistic people are becoming.

People ask me " Are you married?" my answer is "No". Then they ask me "Do you have children?". What? Children? I'm neither married nor I've children. For them, it is very common to have kids without marriage or bride being a pregnant. And also, I'm not forgetting that this is their culture, this is how they grow up. I would have been one of them if I was born some where in western countries.