Friday, 4 July 2014

The Colourful House

At last, we are done with building a farm house. Then what is next? Everything else has become difficult as the ground water level is dropping down year by year. There is no life without water. However, nothing ever been as we exactly expected.

It's been a long time updating my blog. Been occupied with so many other things. In fact, I didn't buy a dairy for this year 2014. I broke 14 years old habit. I wanted to feel the life without maintaining a journal. Sometimes, I'm already missing it. So what? it's helping me to find my inspiration from other sources. My diary writing used to help me to stay focused on what I wanted to do. Now, I feel that I need to remind myself of my tasks more often than ever.

It gives so much of satisfaction to build a house in the nature and live in it. What is the price I paid to have this? All my savings. So what? There is no meaning to the money when it lies in the banks when there is so much to do. I chose all bright and bold colors for my house. I painted my room with orange. What to do the Internet speed is very slow. Not being able upload more photos. Don't know how many decades, it will take to have reasonably good Internet speed in small areas.