Friday, 6 March 2015

Back to Bombay (Mumbai)

Reached back to where I've started my unknown career 4 years ago. Yeah, that is Mumbai. Surprisingly, landed up at the same location where I lived for more than a month 4 years ago. This is the place where people use common toilets. You go there at 6.30 AM, there is a queue. You go at 7.30 AM, there is a queue. You go at 11.30 AM, there is a queue. How horribly toilets have been given less privilege in this modern era. People are living in a small room which is living room cum bed room cum kitchen cum bath room cum washing room. In spite of nation being so huge and wide. Why people are jumping into metros? Is it because, here, there are more opportunities to earn money. After all, what about basic needs of the human life? Then the question arises, why am I here leaving a beautiful farm house behind? Yeah, many have reached Mumbai like me. Any way, this is not my place for sure. I'm spending my 'waiting move' here and want to earn my livelihood while I wait for a good job opportunity.

I notice, when I walk through small and narrow galis (lanes) of Behram Bhag and some other places, for many people home means a small room. That's made me feel so sad. What is ther I can do? This was the very first thought when I saw all the ugly scenes when I came across before getting down the train. How horrible! people are excreting next to the railway tracks without any shame. Pity those people who can't even afford to the privilege to have access to toilets.

How open and free our villages are. You can go and excrete under any tree in bushes and it will become humanure. You have at least good air to breath if not the food in case you can't afford. What is here? Pollution? A sense of suffocation?

Anyway, the nightmare of common toilets is going to be the thing of past for the second time as I'm moving into a room which has an attached bathroom/toilet.