Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Ayubowan Srilanka Part-1

         The long awaited trip has finally began. Visiting a country without the purpose of the job. It feels good. My seat number lead me to the middle row middle seat. Oh, I missed those oceanic scenes this time. Anyway wanted to give a try. Can I change to window seat please? I asked the flight attendant and he showed me a way to an empty window seat smilingly. Thank you. Srilankan flight took off from Male to Colombo.

      Looking down from the flight always gives me a sense of being a bird. I used to have flying dreams a lot. Air hostess, Lihini sat in front of me in preparation of landing. After a while she asked me "Are you Maldivian?" No, I'm from India said I. Then, she showed more interest in conversing.
She: What's is your job?
Me: Teaching yoga
She: Wow, I could see you being very relaxed
Me: .... thanks
Me: Are you a Buddhist?
She: Yes and my dream is to take my parents to Budh Gaya, India
Me: Very nice, do you meditate
She: No
Me: Are you a vegitarian?
She: No. But, I don't kill any living being myself.

     I feel good when ever I meet Buddhists and that feeling disappears when I come to know that they are not any different from any other religious practitioners. She gave me a nice pen and said this is for you. Got a gift.

    Exchanged some dollars into Srilankan rupees and bought a local SIM hoping that internet will assist me during my first trip to Srilanka. Met Rahula during the bus journey and Google translator helped me a lot in conversing with him as he doesn't know English well. Language isn't a barrier anymore to start a conversation with anyone.

    Reached my destination by the dusk. Nauyana Aranya Forest Monastery (www.nauyana.org), by reading the name gives a lot of satisfaction.
(Continued in Ayubowan Srilanka Part-2)