Thursday, 24 December 2015

Ayubowan Srilanka Part-2

Monks' residence area
My time in Na Uyana Monastery was something I longed for ages. Everything was so interesting. The way monks wearing the robes and having food and everything else...
Break Fast bell went off at 5.30 AM and to my utter surprise there were 30 people holding 30 different dishes to serve with high reverence and devotion. Felt like crying when I sat with the bowl full of food remembering how heart fully those people have served me. Could not finish the whole food and closed my eyes sought apologies from the people who have served the food and threw them in the bin.

  Went to meditation hall and sat down in one corner. It was so inspiring to sit with the people who are in orange robes. Lunch bell went off at 09.30. This time, consciously took very less food as I was not hungry in such a short time. Remembering that there won't be food for the remaining day made me to eat.

 It was so inspiring to listen to the stories of the monks. I found a monk who has worked for the same company same time I worked back in Delhi, India 8 years ago. He was dreaming to marry a Japanese girl or else to becoming a monk. Why a Japanese girl? asked I. He told me that he liked Japanese culture and music so much. He told me that he even thought of settling in Japan. How silly I was. He reflects now.

Another young monk says that he was into a 6 year long relationship and realised this is all not for him and renounced the architect job and the girl to take up the path of orange brick road. He mentioned that he found the real meaning to the life here in meditation in jungle. Every story is an inspiration.

As everything comes to an end so does my Srilankan trip. It was just a 6 days trip.