Wednesday, 18 July 2012

చిన్నన్న My Farming Mentor

Those were my pre-schooling days spending in my village and farm. There used be one person working in my farm and he is Chinnanna my farming mentor. He told me many stories and taught me how to do farming works.

One day I’ve killed one small ant which was on my hand. He told me that I would go to hell as I’ve killed the ant and started describing the hell. I was scared off and kept on crying. Then he himself gave me a solution. He asked me to go home and take bath and offer a coconut to the God asking for forgiveness. I went to my mamma and told her with tears that I wanted to take bath again. She started laughing at me for my childishness. But, I was very adamant. At last, she bathed me and called Chinnanna to climb the coconut tree which was nice and tall for the coconut. After around 27 years, neither the coconut tree exists nor Chinnanna exists. Coconut tree died naturally, but not Chinnanna. He committed suicide recently. That made me to recall those memories spent with him.

He left the village in the name of livelihood. Moved to Hyderabad the capital city of my state. I’ve left the village for the same reasons too. But, he was always there in my heart. I have been thinking that one day I would show my gratitude towards him. But, it’s too late. There is no next time for me.

What surprises me is Chinnanna being so strong mentally and physically, how could he commit suicide? I think it is the city which killed him not those family problems as everyone is claiming. He was happy in the village. That happiness couldn’t survive too long in the city life. 

I’m very cautious not to kill any ant or any living being for that matter. How many times, I’ve remembered you in these 10 years. But, I never could tell you and now I regret.

You are the one who taught me how to plough the fields and how to drive bullock cart and so many other farming jobs. You would have thought that I forgot you as I was busy with my own life. So what, you could have told me, we could have fixed together as we fixed our farming jobs.

Now, I correlate all those farmer suicides happening in our country. Now, it is my mission to show those village(r)s how to handle this hopelessness.
Good Bye…